These symptoms of different forms of coronavirus

koronavirus 1

The symptoms can vary.

Scientists from king’s College London managed to identify six forms of the disease Covid-19, which differ in symptoms and severity, reports the with reference to Country.

It is reported that the researchers collected information about symptoms Covid-19, who came to 1,600 patients in the UK and the USA. Data were obtained using a specially designed app COVID Symptom Study.

So, as a result of the study, the researchers identified six main forms Covid-19:

  • The first and second form — the typical symptoms of the flu, with fever and in respiratory support of patients don’t need
  • A third form of diarrhea, lack of appetite, increased body temperature, cough is absent, respiratory support is needed 1.5-4.4% of patients.
  • The fourth form — the main symptoms Covid-19, fatigue, respiratory support is needed in 8.6% of patients
  • Fifth form — the main symptoms Covid-19, muscle pain and confusion, respiratory support is needed in 9.9% of patients
  • Sixth form — loss of appetite, diarrhoea, pain in the abdomen, shortness of breath, chest pain and muscles, confusion, fatigue. 50% of patients with this form require hospitalization, respiratory support is needed for 19.8% of the patients

“The people of the sixth group often belong to older age categories, and also have poor health, presence of chronic diseases and overweight”, say British scientists.

According to researchers, if in the first five days of illness to be able to determine which category the patient belongs to, it is possible to be proactive and prevent the development of severe complications.