The Pentagon called the main problem of the USA


According to the Minister of defense, China wants to displace America not only from the region but from the world stage

Summing up the first year of tenure as head of the Pentagon mark Esper stated that China is a more serious problem for the US than Russia, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“We live in the era of competition of great powers… and that means that our main strategic competitors are China and Russia. Me and anyone who understands China, it is clear that they want to put us — certainly from the region and preferably from the world stage,” he said.

According to him, Russia is a slightly smaller problem than China, but it is the source of the troubles in the world. “The successful containment of the aggressive actions of Russia”, he called as one of the achievements during the year of its work.

The Esper said that the United States has superiority over potential adversaries in the field of nuclear weapons.

Earlier, the US Congress has proposed to allocate 3.8 billion to the containment of Russia in Europe. It is proposed to allocate these funds for the implementation of the strategic Maritime and satellite communications, as well as on submarines and anti-submarine capabilities.