Scientists have shown that waiting for freelancers in 25 years


Another reason to monitor their health.

Scientists have shown how it will look like the employee at the remote work in the future. As a result of this mode of the day man faces obesity, constant stress and many other health problems, reports the with reference to Browser.

So, experts presented the image of Susannah’s model, the average employee at the remote work after 25 years. The project idea was proposed by the company from the UK DirectlyApply, which investigates the labour market.

The company, in particular, has assembled a team of clinical psychologists and experts on fitness, to determine “the impact of remote work on our physical and mental health.”


Experts have identified several distinguishing features “Susanna”: bloodshot eyes; constant stress; poor posture; deformity of the fingers and hands; hair loss; wrinkles; pale skin.

Such consequences result in constant work with computers, lack of physical activity, proper nutrition, lack of sunlight, etc.


To avoid a similar fate, experts recommend to define a clear work schedule at home and time when you work most productively; to exercise; to communicate with people and work in a team; to plan in advance your leisure time; to select home workspace.