Nine ways to lose weight this summer

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Summer is the perfect time to correct the diet.

Weight loss should not be too difficult. In fact, the simpler your weight loss plan, the more likely you will stick with it, reports the with reference on Voice.

Here are 9 simple ways to cut calories and shed a few extra pounds.

  • Eat whole foods
  • If you have full eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes, you will be able to fully obtain all of the nutrients contained in them. And, accordingly, will be filled.

  • Eat proteins
  • Protein gives you energy and helps the body build muscle. Try adding eggs, yogurt, nuts, Chia seeds, peanut butter or oatmeal with milk in your Breakfast to start your day with a protein-rich food.

  • Cut calories at every meal
  • Trying to lose weight quickly, people dramatically reduce the amount of calories consumed, but this method causes them to feel hunger and subsequently leads to overeating. Try to reduce calories gradually reduce their number to 100 in every meal. This is equal to tablespoon of mayonnaise in a salad or piece of butter on the morning toast.

  • Half of the plate filled with fruits and vegetables
  • It is no secret that brightly colored fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients and help curb hunger. So if you fill them half of your plate, you can cut calories and get closer to the goal.

  • Follow the 5-second rule
  • Reducing calories in your diet can be as simple as counting back. Yes, you understood correctly: before you order another batch of cheesecake count from five to one! This is a simple but very effective rule will help you to decide what to do next: eat something else or to ask for a receipt.

  • Add to your diet to low-calorie vegetables
  • Try each meal to eat low-calorie vegetables, containing no starch, broccoli, salads, cucumbers. This will help you maintain your normal portion size with fewer calories.

  • Instead of sugary drinks, make fruit juice
  • If you have a habit of drinking beverages containing lots of sugar, try to replace them with light fruit juices. Just add water, slices of your favorite fruits and let it brew! Experiment with mint and cucumber, and strawberry, lime and rosemary.

  • Order a pizza on thin, not thick cakes
  • Who doesn’t love pizza? But deep thick crust can hold much more calories! Therefore, choose thin-crust pizza.

  • Before you eat something, count the number of calories
  • This is especially true of snacking throughout the day, which may contain significantly more calories than you need. If you want to lose weight, better plan all meals in advance and do not deviate from this schedule.