Ukraine was in first place in Europe in terms of crime


In the world Ukraine is on the 47th place.

Ukraine took first place in the list in terms of crime in Europe, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

Analysts have calculated the crime rate in different States. Among European countries Ukraine is the first indicator 48,84. Also in the first three Sweden (47,43) and France (of 47.37).

Next are Moldova, Ireland, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro.


According to Numbeo, among other countries Ukraine took the 47th place. To Ukraine in the global list, Morocco (48, 97mm) and Iran (48,91). For our country with the less crime rate in Ghana (48,64), Iraq (48,00).


At the forefront of Venezuela (84,36), Papua New Guinea (80,04), South Africa (77,29), Afghanistan (76,97), Honduras (76,65).