Thunderstorms and 33 degrees: what to expect from the weather in Ukraine in the coming days (map)

Bad weather again will cover the Western regions

The West of Ukraine continue to cover rains and thunderstorms. Will not change this situation and the coming days. In the other regions will be hot and dry. What surprised the weather in the country in the next few days – told the Ukrainian hydrometeorological center.


July 19. In most areas, will continue good weather, but here in the West, in places are expected short rains, thunderstorms. In the Carpathians and in Transcarpathia there are heavy rains.

Temperature night set at 12-17 degrees Celsius during the day 24-30 degrees Celsius. Will be hotter in the southern regions: 15-20 degrees at night and 28-33 during the day.

July 20. In the Carpathians and Transcarpathia, and in the afternoon in the Western and southern areas will be rain and thunderstorms. The rest of the territory will not rain.


The air temperature in the southern part of the night set at 15-20 degrees, 28-33. The rest of the night expected to be 12-17 degrees Celsius during the day 24-29.

As reported “Today” the other day the rain turned Kharkov to Venice, people on the streets sailed on the boat. With short breaks and different intensity rained all night and continued this morning.

Also the storm struck and the Ivano-Frankivsk region – there the road turned into a river and was white from hail. Heavy precipitation fell in the village of Babin in the Kosovo region.