The West of Ukraine will again be a storm: what weather to wait on the weekends

In the next two days with good weather, not everybody will be lucky


This was reported in Facebook forecaster Natalka Didenko.

According to her, in the next couple of days of rain and thunderstorms will cover the entire Western part of Ukraine, they can go to the showers, possible hail and squalls.

“As precipitation July 18-19 can be in Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia, Kyiv regions of periodic, local. The rest of the territory of Ukraine on Saturday-Sunday will be dominated by dry weather. On 18 July, the probability of local rains and thunderstorms along the highway Kharkiv-Poltava to Onward. The wind will be from the East, a small or moderate. The temperature promises to be a comfortable day in the range of 25-29 degrees in the South to 29 to 32 degrees in Western regions of the rain will refresh the air by 2-4 degrees”, – wrote Didenko.

In Kiev, Saturday and Sunday expected to be Sunny with temperatures around 27-28 degrees. Rain can pass in the second half of the day in parts of the capital.


At the same time, “Ukrgidromettsentr” announced on Saturday a storm warning: on 18 July in the Western regions, also in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, thunderstorms, in some areas hail and squalls of 15-20 m/s; day in the Carpathians and in Transcarpathia strong rains.

As reported “Today” the other day the rain turned Kharkov to Venice, people on the streets sailed on the boat. With short breaks and different intensity rained all night and continued this morning.

A few days later the storm struck and Ivano-Frankivsk region – where roads turned into rivers and were white from hail. Heavy precipitation fell in the village of Babin in the Kosovo region.