Scientists have figured out who is smarter: the Millennials or generation X


There are areas in which generation X better.

Researchers from Harvard found three areas of mental activity, in which generation X (people aged 40 to 50 years) better than all other people. And these areas are important to the business, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

As the research took place

Data for the study were collected several years on special websites – users were invited to test cognitive ability. In this way it was possible to collect responses more than 3 million people.

That best manage generation X

  • Math. With age, the ability to solve arithmetic problems, it only gets better. People who can quickly to count orally, can work with statistics and Analytics, and faster to find errors in the tables.
  • Understanding of the essence. Closer to 50 years in humans, as a rule, accumulated a lot of knowledge from different areas. You receive the opportunity to better understand the relationship between objects and, most importantly, to explain it to others. This is why generation X are becoming better mentors than their younger colleagues.
  • Creativity. For creative people tend to create their best work in middle age, the study found. And creativity is a source of innovation for any company.

Scientists explain that their research shows that generation X and boomers can have huge value to the business. And employers should not focus only on millenial and buzzers. Although the latter has its advantages, for example, they are able to absorb more information in a short time.