Published rankings of crime among European countries: the Ukraine in the first place

Last place went to Slovenia

Despite the fact that the criminogenic situation in Ukraine during quarantine has declined substantially, the country topped the rating of crime in Europe with the figure of 48.8. Such data are published by the service Numbeo.


Ukraine topped the list with a score of 48.8, and the safety index was 51.1. The second place after Ukraine is Sweden with a crime rate of 47.4 and France – 47.3 in. Last place went to Slovenia with an index of 20.95.

Just a list of 41 countries, data are shown for mid-2020.


The site States that the data section the Index of crime based on surveys of site visitors.

“We believe the crime rate is below 20 is very low, the crime rate between 20 and 40 is low, the crime level between 40 and 60 moderate, the crime rate between 60 and 80 – high, and, finally, the crime rate is above 80 is very high,” said Numbeo.

We will remind, the national police said that in 2019 had the fewest murders in the history of Ukraine. Law enforcement officers say they became less and robberies, and robberies.

At the same time, over the last five years in Ukraine increased at least 2.5 times the number of information crimes, and in the darknet becomes more and more proposals for hackers.