Off the coast of Nigeria, pirates attacked the ship with Ukrainians


In MZS to clarify whether the injured Ukrainian citizens.

In the Gulf of Guinea off the coast of Nigeria, pirates attacked the tanker Curacao Trader and kidnapped 13 members of the crew of 19, reports the with reference to Browser.

Stolen team are supposedly the citizens of Russia and Ukraine.

Initial reports indicate that the ship came 8 armed men and, once on Board, kidnapped crew members.

The report said that the ship left the port of lomé, during the attack of pirates its speed fell to 3 knots. Then the ship for some time drifted, then came back up to speed in 10 knots. The status of the ship is currently displayed as “Not under command”.

This incident occurred at the farthest from the shore point among all cases of piracy, was in the Gulf of Guinea. Despite the availability of high-speed boats, it is highly likely that the pirates are supported by a large vessel.

The ship, owned by the Curacao Trader Shipping company that can carry both oil and chemicals.

Head of Department of management of crisis situations of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Maxim Kovalenko said that among the kidnapped – four Ukrainian seamen.

“Among the captured sailors – 4 citizens of Ukraine. Embassy of Ukraine in Nigeria and the UK have established a link with the shipowner, the operator of the vessel and clarify the circumstances of the case,” – said Kovalenko.