Named the popular products that are not suitable for Breakfast


You can’t eat them on an empty stomach.

We have long been accustomed to Breakfast in a certain way. But is it possible to have in the morning the products that we used? In this article we will tell you what not to eat for Breakfast. And explain what you can replace it, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

First in our list of popular harmful products — bacon. Or rather, bacon and eggs. Most often, this dish is fried in oil, so it turns out quite oily. And that in itself is bad for Breakfast because junk food is difficult to digest on an empty stomach. Also usually scrambled eggs served with bread. It turns out that the first meal we eat a lot of empty calories, in which almost no nutrients. This can negatively affect the condition of hair, skin, to provoke the appearance of extra inches and even worsen the condition.

The next item is ready cereal. There is nothing wrong with natural granola or cereal flakes, but most of the breakfasts, which are sold ostensibly for children, are more dessert than healthy food. They contain a lot of sweeteners, additives and flavourings. And all this “bouquet” is also not suitable for the first meal. Also, do not have such a Breakfast every day, to do no harm to your body.

And the third point — the cakes. Sometimes you want to eat a muffin with a Cup of morning coffee! And there is nothing wrong, unless you allow yourself these treats every morning. If you regularly have Breakfast pastry, you can earn gastritis, stomach ulcers and almost guaranteed to gain a couple extra pounds.

What can you eat for Breakfast? Choices: grains, vegetables, fruits, natural bread. Also useful are the various fish dishes, chicken and beef. Of course, not fried.