In Ukraine again will come the rain and the storm: where to wait for bad weather (map)

Element fall to the West of the country

In Ukraine after the cold snap returns warm and dry weather. But the West of the country continues to storm – where weather forecasters predict rains and thunderstorms. This was reported in the Ukrainian hydrometeorological center.


Also in the Western regions in places are expected hail and squalls of 15-20 m/s. the Temperature is set at 23-25 degrees Celsius.

The rest of the territory, according to weather forecasts, precipitation will not. Just hotter as the southern regions warm up to 30 degrees Celsius. In the North and East of the country will be slightly cooler by 28 degrees Celsius.

As reported “Today” the other day the rain turned Kharkov to Venice, people on the streets sailed on the boat. With short breaks and different intensity rained all night and continued this morning.


A few days later the storm struck and the Ivano-Frankivsk region – there the road turned into a river and was white from hail. Heavy precipitation fell in the village of Babin in the Kosovo region.