In the United States for the first time in five years recorded plague


The incident occurred in Colorado.

In the southwest Colorado man was infected by a plague — probably after contact with a squirrel. This is the first confirmed case of human infection in the state this dangerous infection from 2015, reports the with reference to Country.

The man had been ill with plague at the beginning of summer. Representatives of the state health assured that a particular threat in the region, but residents need to take normal precautions.

Plague — an acute infectious disease, which is usually tolerated by the fleas and is common among rodents. In Colorado it is found from 1940-ies. Since 2005 in Colorado was 21 cases of plague in humans.

“We are seeing the greatest activity of the plague in the summer, but in rodents, the disease can be detected throughout the year. Sometimes she goes to other wildlife species and domestic cats and dogs, and occasionally humans,” said veterinarian of the local health Department Jennifer house.

Most cases get better quickly with antibiotics.