In Odessa began to raise the sunken tanker “Delphi”


Travelers had to leave the beach.

In Odessa began to raise the sunken in November the tanker “Delphi”. The work is carried out in the early morning from 06:00 on-site work by divers, reports the with reference to Country.

“Between the beach and the “Delphi” continuously cruising boats, taking divers to the place of work. At a distance of about 100 meters, went tugs, they have ropes to pull the tanker to be placed on the keel”, — stated in the message.

Recall, 22 November 2019 tanker “Delphi” was in the water area of port “South”, but due to a powerful storm it drifted in the direction of Odessa, and it ran aground. The owner agrees to take the ship. To get a tanker from the seabed, it was reported that it will take from 18 to 24 million UAH.

In order to carry out the operation, rescuers had to ask to leave the people from the neighboring beaches.