In Indonesia because of the floods killed dozens of people


The search for victims lead more than 300 rescuers.

In Indonesia due to floods and landslides in the province of South Sulawesi 36 people and seriously damaged houses and various infrastructure. With more than 3 thousand people were forced to leave their homes, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

It is indicated that another 16 people unaccounted for. Their search leads more than 300 rescuers.

Strong streams of water containing mud and sand, sank more than 4 million homes. The floods destroyed the road with a length of 12.8 km, nine bridges and 13 religious buildings, nine school buildings, eight office buildings, two public places and markets.

Recall that the floods in Japan killed 70 people, another 13 are still missing. The most affected island of Kyushu, killing 66 people.