Hope Meyher will dance in the popular show


The star is keen on ballet.

Popular project “Dances with stars z”, first party, which became the singer Oleg Vinnik, was named the second star who will compete on the floor for the victory of the new season. The baton of the artist was made by the former participant of “VIA Gra”, singer and actress Nadezhda Meyher. About his participation in the show, she said, posting on their official social media pages engaging video. Hope in a seductive and bright images read out of the row dedicated to the art of dance, and challenged another former participant of “via gra” Santa Dimopoulos, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on the Facts.

“I wanted to take part in the “Tancah s with a stars” for a long time, and that was 3 reasons. While still in school, I wanted to be a dancer and confident this was performed in the ensembles of folk dances and dreamed to devote his life to it. When I was 18 years old, and I started working in the collective “via Gra”, then from time to time I wished I had left my business. I’m always happy to have participated in choreography projects, because deep down I was a dancer.

In 2006 I participated in the first “Tancah s with a stars” on “1+1”. I know that if not opened up and said everything I wanted. I just don’t have enough time on the project, and I was different. There was another experience, was less emotional palette and the inner depths. Now there’s so much I want to tell. Internal uncertainty is a second reason why I wanted to participate in the show this year.

The third reason I’m an artist that the scene wants to convey to the audience their own life experiences, the values that emerged, the emotional depth. So, playing in a movie or singing songs, I try to transmit my feelings and the whole range of relations. Now I want through body language to share their feelings, emotions. I know that in our with a partner dancing will be a real drama, because we want to inspire people not only to dance but also to show that in life nothing is impossible. Each of us has the opportunity to discover their talents, achieve goals, open your heart,” commented Hope their participation in the show.


Did Santa Dimopulos call from Meyher, will be known later.