Experts told, what to expect from the prices for vegetables


Floods and heat can affect the price.

This year the weather in Ukraine is shocking differences: in the West country flooding rains and washes away all the vegetables from the fields, in the East, blazing hot sun and it burns the next harvest. Whether Ukraine with the harvest and what will be the price of vegetables, we asked the experts, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

Potato twists and turns

The current season has already seemed quite unusual and stressful for Ukrainian producers. Several waves of spring frosts, low temperatures in may and the first half of June, which were accompanied by showers were recorded on almost the entire territory of Ukraine and impact on potential harvest of vegetables and fruits. Moreover, in some regions of our country, natural disasters continued in July. However, despite these adverse conditions, farmers are very positive about the prospects of a crop of vegetables.

Farmers, despite the delay of the season predict that the potato harvest may not increase compared to the previous year. Consequently, they do not see the reasons for the rise in prices of these fruits
– says the Executive Director of the Ukrainian fruit and vegetable Association, semen Kramarenko.

Economic expert Oleg Pendzin notes, when we talk about borschiv set, now compared to last year prices are lower. So, in the beginning of this year they grew up, but in relation to the same period last year decreased by 20-30%. Today, fairly low prices and this situation will occur at least until September.

In August will begin the growth of prices, especially for potatoes. Because her little planted and it got soaked on the import it will be expensive, because the entire world is in a similar situation. Therefore, with the potatoes there will be problems, but overall the prices are at the level of last year,
– predicts Oleg Pendzin.

Carrots, onions and rains

Carrot producers also talk about the good prospects for the harvest, especially given the fact that rainy weather has a positive effect on their growth. However, as noted by Simon, Kramarenko, due to low demand in the season 2019/2020 prices for carrots for almost the entire season remained quite low.

But the producers of such vegetables as cabbage and onions spoke about the negative impact of the rains on the harvest. High humidity in June contributed to the spread of disease and weed growth, and heavy rains prevented the farmers go into the field and to carry out relevant work to counter them. However, the extension of the area under this crop is partially covered losses due to adverse weather and now wholesale onion prices even lower than a year earlier.

Regarding Luca, Oleg Pendzin believes that the imports in any case will bring in, because we have the biggest problem not in the cultivation and storage of vegetables.

We plant a lot, but keep all can’t. In any case, in the beginning of next year we will go to import, uniquely, because by the time of the domestic harvest will rot
– says Oleg Pendzin.

Relative of tomatoes and cucumbers, the adverse weather conditions continue to affect this segment. Says semen Kramarenko, primarily due to the cold spring crop rotations in greenhouses has shifted to mid-summer. Production of the new volume will appear on the market only in autumn. Also, note that as a result of the low temperatures season vegetables is delayed on average for 2 weeks, so now there is a shortage of the product supply on the market. However, in August, the market should be main of the party of tomatoes and cucumbers from the open ground and the prices of these vegetables are to this period of decline.

At the same time, Oleg Pendzin notes that the tomato is also cheaper than in 2019. We must understand that we have tomatoes from the open ground until the end of August and then everything will be greenhouse or imported, so the price for this group of products will be higher. So if Housewives have the desire to spin, better to do it now.