Apple will make a case with wireless charging


AirPower can go next year.

We still have not seen a branded wireless charging AirPower. Perhaps your work seems to another development – the case with wireless charging technology, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

Apple has filed a patent application that describes the technology of wireless charging two coils for cover Battery Case (this case is already in the company, but charging takes place via Lightning connector).


The patent States that the battery housing two coils are on opposite sides. Also, there is described a switching circuit, which is connected between the first and second coils.

This new case for the iPhone can use the built-in battery to power the connected device and charge wirelessly.

As they say sources, Apple is planning to abandon the Lightning port by 2021. Instead, charging is performed only via wireless charging. Maybe then we will see the long-awaited wireless charging from Apple AirPower.