Ukrainians are waiting for the heat and the rain: the weatherman gave the forecast for July 17 (map)

This will be in the South

In Ukraine after the cold snap returned warmly. Today, July 17, in all areas, except in Western Ukraine, will be dominated by Sunny and hot weather. This was reported in the Ukrainian hydrometeorological center.


According to the forecast of weather forecasters, in the Western regions, rains. The temperature will be 21-23 degrees Celsius. Southeast wind to 8 m/s.

In the East of Ukraine the temperature will be 25 to 29 degrees below plus. Despite the variable cloudiness, rain is not expected. Most the air warms in the southern regions. There the temperature is 27-29 degrees Celsius. Wind South-East, no rain.

In the Central regions and rain – it will be Sunny and warm. The temperature will set at around 26-28 degrees above zero.


We will remind, from-for bad weather in Ukraine for a third straight day to announce a storm warning.

We have previously reported that in the Kharkiv region, where in the evening of 13 July was a heavy downpourduring the night fell to 87 mm of precipitation. These figures are absolute daily maximum not only for July but for the whole observation period. The last record was recorded in July, 1881.

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