The party of “the Voice” announced the move in opposition


MP Kira Rudyk voiced the party’s position.

Political party “the Voice” announced the move in opposition to the existing government of Ukraine, explaining the decision a disappointment in its policy, reports the with reference to Browser.

The corresponding position was voiced by Kira’s Deputy Rudy at the Parliament session on Friday, July 17. During her speech at the podium, all gathered in the hall the members of the faction.

“We came with high hopes and big plans. The year saw monopolista changed the values declared. We saw a President who hesitates to say that Russia is the aggressor, and people who do not pull even heads of departments, and appoint them Ministers,” said Rudyk.

According to her, in the “Voice” realized that their construction is not interesting to the current government, therefore, does not need to help, and in return, it is necessary to change.

“It’s time to change it. The party of “the Voice” goes in opposition to the existing government. Your and our hopes are for ourselves”, – summed up the MP.