The health Ministry said, as the work of the school from 1 September


Will closed schools in the settlements the red zone.

Depending on the epidemiological situation Ukraine will be divided into four zones, according to which they will be teaching in schools, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

It is reported by the parliamentary Committee on education, science and innovation at Facebook on Thursday, July 16. It is noted that the country will be divided into four zones: green, yellow, orange and red. Will share up to the district level and cities of regional importance, said at the Committee meeting the chief sanitary doctor Viktor Lyashko. A ban from attending school in the settlements the red zone. Now the government is considering three scenarios at the beginning of the academic year:

  • Low incidence – school work as usual
  • High – distance education
  • Average – combined form: distance learning + in schools with anti-epidemic measures (the distancing and hygiene measures).

The government suggests that the most likely option would be to the average incidence. In this scenario, there are such recommendations:

  • Cancel public events and tours;
  • The collection of pedkollektiv — in the online form;
  • Preventing the accumulation of a large number of people;
  • The separation of students depending on their age;
  • For certain types of outdoor activities, combined training;
  • Encourage persons at risk to learn in the form of external studies or distance learning;
  • Fully distance learning for elementary schools to apply will not be — it declared inadmissible;
  • Teachers will not be doing weekly tests COVID-19;
  • Foreign students will be able to come to Ukraine and learn;
  • In the case of outbreaks, schools may be closed for quarantine for 7-14 days (decision is pending).