In shorts: in Nikolaev the drunk driver of the Lexus drove into a supermarket wall


The man took his plates off with the car.

On the evening of July 16, in Nikolaev there was an unusual accident — the car crashed into the wall of supermarket “Silpo”, which on the street Chkalov. After the arrest, a grief-the driver, the police learned that he was not only drunk, but had an unusual appearance: the man’s clothes were only panties and purse, reports the with reference to

The emergency called police, who caught up with black “Lexus” a few hundred meters, at the intersection of 1st and Sloboda Sevastopol.

The driver “Lexus” has surprised not only his drunken state, which was expected, but appearance — he was wearing only pants and a man purse over his shoulder.

The man’s behavior was no less strange. He for some reason took off the front bumper and hid the license plate, but behind it remained. The documents the police present could not, say, the machine is not mine, no documents, and generally was driving not me, but the John DOE who was driving where.

The police amounted to “extravagant man” the protocols of administrative offences, and the car sent to the garage.