In Poland, the opposition did not recognize the election results

oppozicziya v polshe

They require to invalidate.

The opposition of Poland filed a lawsuit with the Supreme court demanding to annul held in the country on 13 July presidential elections, which broke Andrzej Duda. The current head of state is accused of using administrative resources, reports the with reference to Country.

“The vote itself may go okay. But the atmosphere of the campaign that were involved in public Finance and media, made the game unequal,” – said the leader of “Civil platform” Boris Booth.

Therefore, he believes that the elections were not fair.

“We demanded to annul the election. If we do not loudly point out the violations of the law, the next election will be even more problematic”, — the oppositionist added.

The Supreme court of Poland should decide on a claim of “Civil platform” to 3 August.

Recall that competitor Duda Rafal Trzaskowski, losing to the President by a very slim margin, is also of “Civil platform”.