Ukraine will be hit by rains and thunderstorms: wait where weatherproof (map)

The West of the country will be under the dome of the cyclone

In Ukraine after the cold snap came back and the heat brought thunderstorms. So, rain cyclone will cover the Western Ukraine. This was reported in the Ukrainian hydrometeorological center.


According to the forecast of weather forecasters, in the Western regions almost everywhere showers are expected. The temperature will be 22-25 degrees Celsius. Wind South to 8 m/s. the Sky will tighten clouds, sometimes heavy storms.

In the East of Ukraine the temperature will be 23-28 degrees below plus. Despite the variable cloudiness, rain is not expected. Most the air warms in the southern regions. There the temperature is 26-29 degrees Celsius. Wind South-East, no rain.

The forecasters do not predict rain in the Central regions. There the temperature will be set at around 23-26 degrees above zero.


We will remind, Ukrainians waiting for a comfortable weather forecaster pleased with the forecast.

Previously, we reported that forecasters said, when in Kiev will warm to 28 degrees.

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