The school year may not begin on 1 September: how to prepare to work in schools and universities

In the Ministry of education are preparing for blended learning in schools

Pandemic coronavirus, which schools and universities have switched to distance learning during the quarantine, will affect the process of education in the new academic year. While the authorities are considering several options for how to run schools and universities: from blended learning to the transfer of the school year.

Preparing a new law on distance education

“I’m 99% sure that the educational process will not start in the usual way. So, as it was before the pandemic, will not be exact, even if they implement linear learning old schedule, it is still the parents will leave the children home when the slightest risks. Therefore, the Ministry of education is to prepare educational content to ensure educational institutions are technologically and financially. About hybrid training too early, and when it became evident that the incidence has not abated, talks began to prepare for the adaptive school attendance that some items will be online and some in school”, – says Nikolay Skiba, Director of the “Education” Ukrainian Institute for the future.


In late June, the Ministry of education has tabled a draft law on distance education. The document talks about training during quarantine. The Ministry proposes that some of the children were studying full-time and part – remotely. The students must alternate today – in person, tomorrow remotely.

Under the bill, the school will be able to organize distance learning and without quarantine. The school can create a separate remote classes. Such classes can be arranged for children who are studying abroad or living in the occupied territories. This requires that one of the parents gave the school an application (available on e-mail school).

In addition, teachers want to resolve at its discretion to conduct a separate topic or advice on the subject remotely.


As regards higher and vocational education, while the Ministry of education has sent recommendations to mixed education in colleges and universities.

“We expect a new wave of coronavirus, we do not know when, will it be one, two, or more. But we want more of prepare to of the institution was armed maximum”, – said in his video Egor Herd, Deputy Minister of education.

According to Herd, not all types of activities students and teachers can be transferred online, so part of the subjects will be conducted solely in the classroom.

“In our recommendations of tips on how to adapt the course to the hospital on a course for distance learning as it is conducted, how to keep feedback from students, which practices work best. In parallel we are working on sanitary requirements that will need to comply with educational institutions. We in the Ministry understand how important it is to run the maximum of a stationary process. There are a lot of disciplines and skills that are not transmitted remotely. If there are restrictions on attending educational institutions, we would like to reach sanitary standards that will allow the subject to distance, temperature screening to resume the educational process. Here we will help blended learning”, – said the Deputy Minister.


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The school year may not begin on 1 September

There is a risk that the school year will start on 1 September, says Sergey Babak, Chairman of the Committee on science and education. Everything will depend on the epidemiological situation and the joint decision of the Ministry of education, Ministry of health and the national security Council.

“I would really like to see, we started in the usual way. But there is a possibility that we will not be able to start the school year in a regular manner. If the epidemic subsides, the number of patients will grow, it will address the issue or continuance, or blended learning,” – said Sergey Babak.

The Ministry of health noted that to make some decisions now before, as it is unknown what will be the situation by September. But if the epidemiological situation deteriorates, then distance education will be, said the chief state physician of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko.

“We are considering various options, but now on the agenda for the safe conduct of External independent evaluation to make certain conclusions and lessons. The other day we talked with the new acting Minister of education and considered several options that can be in the case of complication of epidemic situation to do it remotely, and that – in person. What lessons can be moved, what should be the classes, as it can affect the economy, given the fact that the school performs the function of childcare, while parents are at work. But until we are willing to hear all offers,” said Victor Lyashko.


Earlier people’s Deputy from the party “servant of the people”, member of the parliamentary Committee on education Julia Grishina assured that educational institutions in Ukraine from September 1 will not be in connection with the quarantine is to move to 100% distance education.

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