“The coronavirus has many faces” doctors in Kharkov, showed how work in the midst of the epidemic (photo)

Doctors on call around the clock with patients

In the Kharkov city polyclinic # 8 showed how physicians work in the midst of the epidemic of the coronavirus. What is happening in the hospitals, said the physician Ophelia Mustafayev and Deputy chief physician Natalia Tanko.


First, at the entrance to the hospital all visitors be sure to measure the temperature. If it is raised, sent a man to the office of the therapist, on which hangs an announcement: “For feverish patients.” To get into the office through a separate entrance. It is separated from the other white screen on wheels, said “Susprise”.

Mustafayev says that the hospital have a duty office which accept people with suspected COVID-19. Those patients who do not know about it, first call your family doctor, and he introduces them in the course of the case.

“Anyone have a fever, even low, we accept. Respondents patients: is there a disturbance of consciousness, bluish color of the hands, face, what temperature, whether or not in contact. This make any conclusions”, – said Mustafayev.


In the examination using a pulse oximeter to measure patients oxygen levels in the blood. Deviation scores below 92%.

The physician believes that the indicators for the PCR test cannot be generalized.

“In COVID many faces. it Happens that a person comes, and we see that this case is confirmed 100%. Because when three or four days at high temperature and it is very difficult to be reduced with antipyretics, it is “call”. And it so happens that a person says, “I Have nothing”, we do x-rays, and there pneumonia”, – said Mustafayev.


In the photo below, the 33-year-old Elena Savchenko. She rents PCR test for coronavirus. The girl was treated at home a week and a half with a physician were contacted by phone and Viber.

“The symptoms were like with the common cold. Cough, fever. Took antibiotics that are prescribed. Since I worked from home since the beginning of the quarantine, my circle of contact persons was very small. Only my husband, and all. He was contacted by the district doctor. He also needed to be tested for COVID”, – said Elena.

Since the beginning of quarantined in the 8th hospital took 421 analysis on PCR study. Coronavirus confirmed in 112 patients: 48 of them were hospitalized to the infectious diseases hospital, and 64 were treated on an outpatient basis.


Deputy chief physician Natalia Tanko said: as soon as a patient is confirmed COVID-19, the environment of the patient. She added that the mainly contact persons are relatives. And on average, one patient had 3-5 contacts. Figure that out when interviewing the patient.

Natalia noted that to keep track of accidental contact is impossible. For example, after the patient of public transport. If the person worked in the office and could potentially infect colleagues, is checked.

“In this case, the service check takes place where the patient worked. And contact persons. And if necessary, sent to the clinic. Already with clear indications of who is sick in the office when what he apidname”, – says Tanko.

If the patient has severe symptoms or had contact with patients in the same day or on the next stroke to it go mobile brigade.

“Depending on what time called patient. Because it happens that the call at five o’clock, so, of course, a team the next day goes”, says family therapist Marianne Ushakov.

For all the time of a pandemic by mobile teams of hospital – two nurses and a driver 211 times do house calls to patients. COVID with patients in outpatient treatment by family physicians keep in touch daily by phone. In addition, the hospital there is a stock of free medicines.

Note, in the Kharkiv region since the beginning of the quarantine coronavirus found 2649 people. While 105 of the infected died, and 1357 – recovered. Under suspicion COVID-19 is 4061 people.

We will remind, the Ministry of health has updated the list of “red” areas: where it is impossible to mitigate the quarantine.

Previously, we reported that the epidemic coronavirus infection accelerated the pace in Ukraine. Only in the last day, July 15, COVID-19 diagnosed 848 Ukrainians.

And in the Ivano-Frankivsk from the coronavirus died the doctors details in the story: