Samsung called the timing of the implementation of the communication standard 6G


6G is expected in ten years

At Samsung predict the emergence of communication of the sixth generation in 2030, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

It is noted that the finalization of the standard 6G and the beginning of its commercialization can occur in 2028, mass commercial launch in 2030.

In Samsung believe that the main consumers 6G will be people and machines. Experts of the company predict that with the implementation of the new standard will appear in services such as an immersive augmented reality (XR), high quality mobile holograms and digital replication. The main categories of requirements to implementation of services 6G call performance, and network architecture and reliability.

Samsung rates the peak data transfer rate in 6G at 1,000 gigabits per second with latency less than 100 microseconds. 50-fold peak data transfer rate and latency in terms of when the sixth generation is 10 times lower than 5G. For sufficient reliability when the next generation is necessary to ensure the security privacy of user data and artificial intelligence technologies.

In January, the Japanese government has predicted the launch date of the communication of the sixth generation in his country. According to their plans, 6G must be deployed on the territory of Asian countries by 2030. The distribution of the 6G will help to build a “new society”, which will be a priority instant transfer of information.

The international telecommunication Union (ITU) defines technical communication standards of the sixth generation in 2021.