Psychologists told how dangerous stress in children

stress u rebenka

Children who experience stress develop serious depressive disorders in adolescence.

Researchers examined the Association between eight different types of stress and depression, which arise in young people, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

The authors found that although some types of stress (e.g., poverty) were not associated with depression, other forms, including emotional abuse, were more closely related to depressive disorders.

It is well documented that stress at an early age increases the risk of depression in adulthood. We wanted to know to what extent he was associated with depression at an earlier age, especially in childhood or adolescence,
– said the lead author, PhD Joel Lemul.

It was found that early symptoms of depression will often mean repeated relapses throughout life. And the effects of stress on early life stages more than doubles the likelihood that a person will develop depression at a young age.

Stress and depression

Compared to youth not exposed to stress, the likelihood of developing depression in children exposed to stress factors, 2.5 times higher.

The data support recommendations for finding and using the best methods in studies of stress in childhood.