In Ukraine will increase the real estate tax: how much to pay


For an apartment up to 60 squares and home to 120 to pay the tax is not necessary.

In 2020, Ukrainians will have to pay for every extra square real estate tax in the amount of up to 62,5 UAH, but next year it will increase — 70, 8 UAH per square meter, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

The real estate tax paid over the past year and depends on the size of the minimum wage. Its maximum rate is 1.5% of the minimal salary.

To pay tax for the apartment to 60 squares and home to 120 is not necessary, but for each next meter state charges tax.

The tax goes to the local Treasury, and local authorities can make a decision about what size of housing will be taxed – for example, the city may borrow money only from those who own apartments ranging from 80 instead of 60 squares.

The tax rate can also change, but only downwards instead of 1.5% of the minimum wage, for example, 1%.