In Odessa restaurateurs protested because of the ban on night work. Video


The protesters believe the ban is meaningless.

In the center of Odessa late in the evening of July 15, gathered in the staff restaurants and nightlife, is dissatisfied with the ban on the operation of their institutions from 23:00 to 7:00, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“Yesterday, they limited the work of institutions to 23:00, and tomorrow will forbid to work after 18:00. But then it will be too late,” said one of the protesters.

It is noted that in protest restaurateurs put empty chairs as a symbol of empty restaurants.

Only at the rally attended by about a thousand citizens of Odessa, stated in the message.

The protesters said that the ban does not make sense, because the coronavirus threat at any time of the day, but the restaurants and night clubs are suffering huge losses.

“Because of the quarantine we were forced to cut staff by 20-30%, and the large number of jobs. Now they forbid us to work after 23:00, and it will also result in reductions. <…> We pay taxes, rent, have created the conditions of social distance and sanitary norms and still we are not allowed to work!” — said the restaurateur.