In new York, found the dismembered body of a millionaire


The investigation into the crime continues.

One tier apartments new York city police found the body of a man, which was separated limbs and head. Next to the corpse remained chainsaw, reports the with reference to Comments.

As it turned out, the body belongs to 33-year-old businessman Fahim Saleh, who was called the future of Elon Musk. Despite his young age, the businessman has made great strides in the tech business, led the venture capital company, Adventure Capital, has created a brand for the exchange of motorcycles in several countries.

The first sounded the alarm the sister of a millionaire, when he several days did not go to the link. At first, she referred to the fact that his brother works a lot, but later came to his new apartment in Manhattan, which Saleh has recently bought for 2.25 million dollars. Chilling picture forced the girl to immediately call the police.

“We have a lying torso and separate head, arms and legs. Everything is in place”, — said the press service of the police, adding that they have no theories about the motives for this heinous crime.

It is noted that security cameras at the entrance recorded the time of opening of the Elevator when it was expected by Fahim Saleh. He fell immediately after the door opened that means instant impact: impact electrical shock or shot. Inconspicuous clothes, the precision of the movements and the lack of clues about the killer’s identity led the investigators to believe that the crime was committed by a professional killer.