In Kiev arrested the rapist recidivist


The attacker tried to rape women in the woods.

In the Goloseevsky district of Kiev detained and sent to court a man who since the beginning of summer tried several times to rape women, reports the with reference to Country.

As reported on the portal “Kiev operational” in the social network Facebook, the attacker, using the absence of prying eyes remote from the public roadside areas, in broad daylight, came back to selected female victims and threw them on the neck strap. In the future, using brute force, forced to go into the forest.

Employees of criminal investigation Department of the National police carried out a row quickly-search actions the person had been established and detained. At the moment the attacker is reported about suspicion in Commission of attempted rape committed repeatedly, by a person previously committed similar crimes. At the request of law enforcement, the court has decided on the application of a measure of restraint — detention.

The suspect was 46-year-old local resident of the capital, which since 1990 periodically in and out of prison, where was serving a sentence for committing a robbery connected to violence, robbery, vandalism, and the icing on the cake — the rape and satisfaction of sexual passion in the unnatural way.