All seriously: Tom Hiddleston arrived with a new lover


The couple lives in the United States.

The British Tom Hiddleston and Depend Ashton moved in together a few months later after the rumors about their affair. They say now they live together in the United States — in Atlanta, Georgia.
Sources close to the couple claim that the stars “are good for each other and enjoy a quiet life,” reports the with reference to

The Response was silent about their relationship, but Driven spent the last few weeks with him in the United States. They’re perfect for each other and now rest from glamour of show business. They usually have very busy schedules, so they are happy to spend time together while not working. Tom decided to spend the quarantine in Atlanta, and, most likely, it will remain to live there until the end of the year

said a source from an environment of stars.

By the way, Tom doesn’t happened to be in Atlanta to quarantine there, he starred in the TV series “Loki”, and the pandemic was not able to leave. Shooting Loki began in January, but was suspended in March because of the coronavirus, work on the series will resume next month.

The first rumors about the novel of Hiddleston and Ashton appeared in the last year, but then That stopped all discussion and became supershuttle to hide his personal life — he already had experience in public relationship with Taylor swift, who discussed everything. The insider notes that That the “paranoid” protects from public view their relationship with.