These teas – the best assistants in losing weight


Tasty and healthy.

If you want to lose weight quickly and easily, you need a lot of drink and tea can be the best option. First, it has no sugar or artificial sweeteners in carbonated drinks or juices. Secondly, there are many restorative materials that help to maintain optimal energy levels. Thirdly, it is not only useful, but also delicious. Choose for yourself a favorite tea and drink not only with pleasure, but with benefits, reports the with reference on Voice.

White tea destroys fat cells

The study, whose results were published in “Nutrition and Metabolism” in 2009, confirmed that white tea extract really speeds up the process of destruction of fat cells. Scientists believe that this effect is achieved thanks to the high content of a special antioxidant (ECGC) which helps to literally “break” the fat cells.

Green tea: stimulates metabolism

This kind of tea also contains the antioxidant ECGC, but his superpower in the other. Green tea — the champion of the caffeine content (in fact, this drink more than very strong coffee) — namely: caffeine helps speed up metabolism and gives us the energy needed to maintain an active lifestyle.

Yerba mate: helps to reduce blood sugar levels

Very useful tea, made from leaves and shoots of a South American plant yerba mate, not only rich in caffeine and helps normalize blood sugar, because it contained substances theophylline and theobromine. As shown by the results of a study conducted in 2015, the volunteers, for 12 weeks drank one Cup of mate a day, in the end dropped more weight than their counterparts who preferred other drinks with the same diet and level of physical activity!

Oolong tea: burns belly fat

Another form of tea that helps to increase the speed of our metabolism due to partial fermentation, which are the tea leaves. In addition, Oolong contains special chemical compounds that are great precisely fat accumulates in the waist area: for example, participants in a study conducted in 2009 by Chinese experts for 6 weeks lost 12% of belly fat. The authors of the study say that the reason for such impressive results was the Oolong.

Black tea blocks the absorption of fat

If your diet consists of a lot of fatty foods, you just need black tea is because it blocks the absorption of fat and helps prevent weight gain. This drink contains special plant compounds called polyphenols — namely flavine and Erebouni that help block the absorption of fat. In addition, some studies confirm the ability of black tea to reduce the risk of developing diabetes — another useful feature!

Peppermint tea: reduces the feeling of hunger

Honestly, this tea doesn’t even have to drink it — just sniff. A study conducted at the University of the Jesuits, confirmed that the mint flavor suppresses hunger: study participants who inhaled peppermint scent every two hours for five days, in the end consume less calories and sugar. So you can drink, you can just sniff and lose weight!

Ginger tea: helps to prolong satiety

Infusion of ginger — just a magic potion, which normalizes blood pressure, lowers blood sugar, relieves inflammation and also helps to prolong the feeling of satiety for a longer period. So finish your lunch with a Cup of ginger tea and you won’t have to think about food!

Fennel tea: helps to lose weight in your sleep

Fennel is able to increase the body’s level of melatonin — the hormone that regulates sleep and is responsible for the metabolism. As confirmed by the results of a study conducted by experts from the University of Granada, regular consumption of fruits of fennel, or tea with pieces of this plant helps speed up the weight loss — and it will happen including during sleep. Is especially nice!

Chamomile tea: relieves stress

Cup of infusion of chamomile before bed is a great idea. First, this drink helps to reduce blood sugar levels. Second, it has sedative properties and helps us to get rid of stress namely stress triggers the “bad” food behavior, forcing us to choose products with a high content of fast carbs, sugar and various flavorings. If next time, perenervnichala you think about the Burger or bag of fries — exhale and drink a Cup of chamomile tea. Should help!