The U.S. has provided Ukraine almost $ 2 million to combat coronavirus

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The United States has increased assistance to Ukraine in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus.

At the beginning of the month, the U.S. announced an increase in funding associated with the COVID-19 for Ukraine with 15.5 million dollars to nearly 17.3 million dollars, according to the with reference to the Channel 24.

What will send the money

This new funding is aimed at:

  • support the activities of the International organization for migration in the Donbas,
  • assistance to internally displaced persons and other populations affected by conflict.

According to American diplomats, the funding will help the International organization for migration to prevent the spread of coronavirus by:

  • the provision of humanitarian assistance,
  • support for the first time the isolation and treatment centres,
  • health and hygiene, and the like.

Note that earlier, Donald trump has decided to Finance the medicine of different countries for almost a billion dollars.

Previous 15.5 million dollars for Ukraine, the US has increased financial assistance to Ukraine to fight COVID-19 should have been sent to medical institutions, and also to help people exposed to the negative social impact of the pandemic.

As of 14 July, Ukraine recorded a 54 771 case COVID-19, 27 154 recovered, and died – 1 412. Adaptive quarantine will last at least until July 31, but it plans to continue.