The introduction of leopard cats conquered the Network. Video


The cats showed the fish in the aquarium and Hippo.

During the quarantine because of pandemic coronavirus, due to the lack of people on the streets, the animals feel more free. And some of them have experienced amazing meetings, reports the Chronicle. info with reference to the Apostrophe.

Animals during the quarantine, wandering through the empty streets, looking for food in garbage cans and even walked and slept in vacant shopping centers.

But most importantly, the quarantine held animals living in the zoo of San Antonio, Texas, USA. Taking advantage of the absence of people, the zoo decided to introduce leopard with distant relatives — cats, which for that brought from the shelter.

The animals were divided glass, but cats are not frightened of the fearsome leopard, and considered him with interest. In addition to leopard cats showed the fish in the aquarium and Hippo.

And the dogs were introduced with lion, hyenas and monkeys. They also showed no fear and watched as the strangers.