The inspectors found, in reality, are gyms and beauty salons

The state foods and consumer service adds to the list of violators of quarantine

Beauty salons must adhere to quarantine regulations. Some do it on the conscience of someone in words, and someone- for the regulatory authorities. To desire to be transformed is not over treatment in the infectious ward, you should pay attention to some points.


To conduct an unscheduled inspection on observance of quarantine has instructed the Cabinet.

The first thing that catches the eye in one of the salons in Kiev region – the lack when entering marks for the observance of a safe distance. And no reminder of the quarantine. Requirement – no queues inside – is not respected. The clients waited their turn inside it. Although have to be an appointment for the procedure. The interval between the customer service – at least 15 minutes.

“To avoid contact between clients. And that was enough time for processing and sterilization of instruments. Contact surfaces,” says Arzu Akbarov, head of Department of state supervision over compliance with sanitary legislation of the state Gospodarevskaya in the Kiev region.

One woman waiting for her mother with the haircut, and the other enrolled on the phone to the master, but somehow came forty minutes early. Sitting in the room. Although it is prohibited.

The woman after the manicure. Now she wants a new hairstyle. But will the master of all sanitized? Wet cleaning should be carried out every two hours. Handling tools and contact surfaces after each visitor. And all this is necessary to fix. Such records salon does not.


The master must be run in disposable medical masks or respirators. Also wear gloves.

“Must be a five-day supply of medical masks and disinfectants”, – said the inspector.

The toilet has soap and paper towels. Not enough antiseptics. Also in the cabin should stand in a separate ballot box for the disposal of the remedies. How treat customers?

“Is the disinfection of the hands, be sure they come in the mask. Temperature clients we do not measure,” says Victoria Bilousova, the owner of a beauty salon.

Mandatory temperature screening for employees.

In the following the beauty workshop is also at the entrance – no markings or informational materials. But on the table are flyers, which in the period of the epidemic is prohibited. Each comes in its own time. With masks worse. Some masters do not cover the nose. And one of the women is a reusable mask which is prohibited.

Masters work without gloves. Before accepting a new customer the contact surfaces are treated with antiseptics. And placed them at the entrance. But the problem is that they do not meet the standards.

“It is necessary to have alcohol-based antiseptic. At least 60% isopropyl alcohol. Or 70% ethyl alcohol,” said the inspector.


In the cabin there are no disinfectants for carrying out wet cleaning. And again the problem with towels.

In addition, there is a violation of the distance between clients and the thermometer, which allegedly carry out temperature screening, not even unpacked yet.

Then – a real mess. Some workers claim that measure the temperature of the house. And the administrator says that he personally checks before work each. But even not read the instructions for use of the thermometer. The results of the checks never fixed.

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Still need to install a separate ballot box for disposal of masks and gloves. Today the cabin is made by the referee. After some time, the inspectors will visit again. If the place comments are not taken into account, then it will make the report and to refer the case to the court. For violation of quarantine requirements can be fined up to one hundred and seventy thousand.


Epidemiologists draw the spotlight is on three things to minimize the risk of catching the coronavirus in the room: this is meticulous hand hygiene, compliance with social distance. Also one of the most important – ventilation – the more the better.

“If the room is in the large, where a large number of people, have good ventilation, if people don’t sit each other on the head, if in this room the optimum temperature for the location of a person – that’s 19-21 degrees, if the humidity in the room at the level of 55-65%, and there is no risk at all there is ill”, – says Andrey Alexandrin, epidemiologist, head of the national expert group of infection control.

Another rule: ill – stay home. Ukrainians still somehow have a culture. People used to run to work – even with cold symptoms.

Had my hair done – time to work on my figure. The entire staff of the gymnasiums must wear masks or respirators. The administrator of one of the institutions of Kiev rule ignores.

Each client should conduct temperature screening. Antiseptics – public, alcohol. There is a separate ballot box for masks. When you log – price for massages, although they are still banned. In the bathroom there is only soap. Paper towels and no preservatives.

To ensure that distance every second wardrobe in the locker room should be closed. They should apply the restrictive markings.

Bar during the quarantine does not work. Classes are allowed, but subject to the course – 1 person per 5 square meters. If is at the gym, this square should be twice.

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In addition, the training antiseptics should also be shared. Customers to wear a mask during class is not necessary. This applies only to coaches. Disposable face mask or respirator. Surfaces are treated with disinfectant. The content is correct. But only three times a day. Though it is necessary every two hours.

But in one of the institutions most famous network of sporting clubs, the markup is correct. As an antiseptic, a special urn for disposal of masks and posters about the coronavirus. Needs to be paper towels. However, the temperature measure to all clients. Also give the keys to the cabinets nearby. And it is a violation.

In the locker room on the cabinets no restrictive signs to avoid congestion of people. Only in the showers. Marking is on some exercise equipment. Disinfectors meet the requirements. Claim – treat the halls every hour. But some coaches still wear multiple masks

“Simultaneous use of multifunctional simulators several visitors allowed”, – stressed the inspector.

The institution shall also be the duty of the coach who will follow up to quarantine order. Too early to relax. Coronavirus is still here. And compliance – a litmus test for business: who are important only their own earnings and who is the health of employees and customers.

Meanwhile, a senior source in the Ministry of health of Ukraine told “Today” that in Ukraine plan to extend the quarantine. According to him, the more likely the quarantine will be extended after July 31. Continue to be those quarantine measures that have shown its effectiveness. Those that proved ineffective will be discarded.