The health Ministry said, as the work of the school in September


Students will have to apply the antiseptic.

With the new school year in Ukrainian schools will be mandatory temperature measurement as for educational institution employees and students, reports the with reference to Country.

On Wednesday, July 15, Minister of healthcare Maxim Stepanov in the briefing.

“Together with the Ministry of education we analyze the situation, including watching how it’s done abroad, I want to take the best practices. I can say that will be mandatory temperature measurement for all employees who come to work in educational institutions, mandatory temperature measurement for children. When 37,2 above, neither the workers nor the children can not be allowed to work and learn. Parents who bring their children to school must use masks when they come to school. The school should be antiseptic and the kids have to use them under the supervision of teachers,” Stepanov said.According to him, the rules of the schools in terms of coronavirus epidemic is still under development and may be submitted for approval to the Cabinet of Ministers next week.