NATO demands from Ukraine of a comprehensive reform


First of all we are talking about protection of investors ‘ rights and the judicial authorities.

Full membership of Ukraine in NATO is possible only after its authorities reforms. This was stated by the head of mission of NATO in Ukraine Alexander Vinnikov, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“You need to conduct a comprehensive reform, focusing on comprehensive domestic reforms in the security sector and defense, which will enable it to achieve full interoperability with the Alliance,” he said.

In particular, we are talking about reforms in the security sector and defence, including the implementation in 2018 of the law On national security of Ukraine, said the representative of NATO.

“It includes the reform of the SBU, the intelligence sector, the adoption of the law On state secrets and On parliamentary oversight of the security sector and intelligence, as well as reform of the military-technical complex,” — said Vinnikov.

He also stressed the need for judicial system reform and fight against corruption. In addition, to obtain a full membership of Ukraine needs to conduct comprehensive reforms in the economy, according to the representative of NATO.

“For business it is very important that the country had judicial power and that the investors were protected,” said Vinnikov.

Recall, June 12 Ukraine became a member of the advanced capabilities of NATO. The new status involves the deepening of cooperation between allies and partners that have made a significant contribution to operations and missions under the leadership of the Alliance.