Named the perfect food for late dinner


The expert gave advice of what to eat without much harm

Let’s start with the fact that a late dinner is a rarity, not the rule in your diet. Something to eat late in the evening only in the case not to go on an empty stomach and this hunger does not prevent you to sleep. What better to put on a plate in this case, said the dietitian Alla Manikin on his page on Instagram, reports the with reference to RBC.

What dinner could be? The options are not so much. Lifeline are vegetables and greens, i.e. a salad. Vegetables have a low glycemic index and does not raise insulin levels. Exception — cooked starchy vegetables (potatoes, carrots, beets, pumpkin, etc.).

In addition to the salad or separately — light protein foods, such as eggs, poultry fillets, fish and seafood + healthy fats in the salad (avocado, nuts, oil). Alas, on this entire list.

“But what about cheese and yogurt?” — you will ask. All milk (except cheese) causes a substantial rise in insulin. The fact that whey protein, milk protein, gives a very high insulin response compared to non-milk proteins. Milk glycemic index – 30 (low), but insulin index – 90 (high). Plus milk and sugar. Insulin stimulates the growth of body weight, so the milk’s ability to increase it contributes to the rapid growth of children.