Leading Ukrainian lost a tooth live, but not confused. Video


Commentators in awe of her professionalism.

Leading TSN on channel “1+1” Marichka Padalko got into a curious situation — during a live broadcast from her front tooth fell out. However, the presenter did not panic, hid veneers and continued his work, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Apostrophe.

Video of the moment on his page on Instagram published a user under the name Ekulka. “Just, live dropped a front tooth at the leading. But, boy, that is not confused. I would burst into tears,” wrote the blogger.


Netizens admire the restraint and professionalism Marichka Padalko.

“Marichka done well to navigate. Remember Leonchuk laughed and there were moments when they could not direct to stay, and here is a direct self — control”, “I’m in shock. This is self-control! I would have them all the cameras filled with tears”, “that’s tough! But she’s good”, “Damn, how smart she is”, “100% Professional, not to get lost and as nothing was to read the text further,” I admire nick.

Comments began to appear under the last post leading to Instagram. Followers Padalko, who watched the morning air, writing that the lead has become for many a hero.