In the Czech Republic has faced passenger and freight trains: dozens of victims


Also, one person died.

One person was killed as a result of collision of passenger and freight trains, which occurred in the Czech Republic near Prague on Tuesday evening, July 14. Also during the accident were injured 35 people, reports the with reference to Country.

It is clarified that the accident occurred near the station in český Brod in the East of Prague. CityElefant passenger train with more than a hundred passengers inexplicably ran a red light and rammed a standing freight train. The driver of the passenger train were killed.

Also it is clarified that four people sustained serious injuries, and 31 passengers minor injuries. Among the victims — eight minors.

The accident occurred on one of the busiest railway sections in the Czech Republic. The traffic on the highway stopped. Multiple bets are allowed into the detour, and regional trains are replaced by buses.