Hayden panettiere through court banned former lover to his approach


The guy raised his hand to the actress.

After the brutal attacks and attempts to restore relations Hayden panettiere finally decided to leave Brian Hickerson. She already took care of your safety: the actress has filed a lawsuit and received a document on which a man is forbidden to approach her, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Channel 24.

According to journalists, after the second attack, which occurred on Valentine’s Day Hayden panettiere affirmatively decided to end the relationship. Knowing the explosive nature of Brian Giberson, she immediately got a restraining order to get closer to her. This time Hayden re-turned to the court and asked judges not to restrict the ban to California, where she now lives.

It is known that the actress lives alone in his mansion in Los Angeles. Hired whether Hayden panettiere guards, is still unknown. However, the court ruling already protects her, because in case of attack or attempt to talk to her Brian Hickerson immediately put.

After moving Hayden tried to talk to Brian. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with him, she turned the page of his life,
– told the insider.

Sources say that during a pandemic, the actress has canceled a planned shooting and focused on charity. The only thing that worries Hayden panettiere is that she cannot see her daughter Kaya-Evdokia, who lives in Ukraine. At the same time, insiders add that the actress is grateful to Wladimir Klitschko because she is always sure her daughter was all right.

“With so much uncertainty about travel and coronavirus, it is unknown when Hayden and Kaia will be able to see each other. Separation and distance is hard, but Hayden is glad that Vladimir is an incredible father and takes incredible care of his daughter,” added the sources.

What is known about the attacks on Hayden panettiere

In August of 2018 Hayden panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko announced that their engagement is off. The former boxer is back with her daughter in Ukraine, and the actress settled in Los Angeles, where an affair with a young actor and realtor Brian Wickersham. The couple never attended social events together, but were often caught by paparazzi drunk.

In may 2019 all the world’s media has stirred up information: Brian Hickerson was severely beaten by Hayden panettiere. Law enforcement officers who arrived on call neighbors saw the bruises on the neck and arms scared of the actress. After that, the star was examined at the clinic and the month hasn’t left his house. But Brian Hickerson the next day after his arrest left the police station and returned to the girl.

Then all the relatives of Hayden panettiere was scared because of the hardness of Hickerson. Friends feared that he may not stop and kill the actress. Apparently, after a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day Hayden pondered the words of relatives. Then Brian Hickerson the second time he attacked her Hayden panettiere in the second time became the victim of domestic violence, the boyfriend of the actress was arrested . Then the actress was forbidden to approach her and grabbed her things from the house guy-a sadist.