The culprit of the fatal accident near Kiev told that he used before the accident


The man was arrested for two months.

The suspect in a deadly road accident near Kiev Anton Jalapa during the court session on election of a measure of restraint pleaded guilty, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

“But you can not say anything? We can agree? Do not deny it. Without objection”, — said, in particular, Jalapa in the video, which was published in the telegram-channel “Policy of the Country.”

In turn, as transfers Telegram-channel Pavlovksy News, Zalepa told reporters that he used “weed” the day before the deadly crash.

According to the suspect, before the accident, on the morning of 12 July, he drank 200 grams of vodka.

“Went with a speed of 180 km/h Where I was going, why and how don’t remember,” said Zalepa.

He also said he did not remember how the seized vehicle.

The court decided to arrest Gelepu for 2 months.