Not only light, but these dangerous symptoms of coronavirus

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What bodies can suffer from infectious diseases.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 affects not only the respiratory tract, but many other organs, so COVID-19 should not be regarded only as respiratory disease, reports the with reference to Browser.

This was on the results of the study reported by experts of the Colombian University in the USA, reports Nature Medicine. According to them, COVID-19, among other things, can cause thrombotic complications associated with increased blood clotting, myocardial dysfunction and arrhythmia, acute coronary syndromes, acute kidney injury, gastrointestinal symptoms, hepatocellular insufficiency, hyperglycemia and ketosis, as well as neurological disorders, eye damage and skin.

Scientists have noted a very high rate of patients (5-10%) requiring dialysis. Neurological symptoms occur in one third of all patients.

As the authors of the work, the diversity of symptoms is due to the fact that infected cells coronavirus binds to the cellular receptor ACE2, which Express a tissue outside the lungs. So, the virus causes direct damage to cells, which causes many disorders and syndromes.

For example, increased blood clotting and blood clot formation may be a consequence of the attack of the pathogen on the cells lining the blood vessels. In addition, your contribution makes a breach in the immune system. However, the mechanism of the heart diseases is as yet unclear, although it is assumed that the key role played by systemic inflammation.

To combat complications in severe COVID-19, experts recommend the use of anticoagulant drugs, steroids (e.g., dexamethasone) to suppress the immune system and inflammatory processes.