Named the sum for which can sell Tsygankova Napoli


Tsygankova can let go for 15 million Euro plus bonuses.

Host of “Datoteke” Michael Spivakovsky told about the conditions under which the President of the Kiev “Dynamo” Igor Surkis ready to part with the main star of the club – 22-year-old winger Victor by Tsygankova. Previously, we reported that Tsygankova got my eye in “Napoli”, reports the with reference for Today.

“There are reports that Surkis is ready to sell Tsygankov. I contacted Igor Mikhailovich. He said that the proposals simply do not. And ready-not ready… If good offer he will sell Tsygankova, – said Mykhaylo spivakovskyy. – Clausula Tsygankova is 50 million euros, but this does not mean that if the Dynamo will offer 49 million, the potential buyer will send the Fig. I think that psychologically Tsygankova are willing to sell for 20-25 million, but podkarantinnoy prices this may be the amount of 15 million with some bonuses as was the case with Yarmolenko. For Andrew, Kiev continued to receive money even after he moved to the “West ham”. There was a sum of 5 percent of the next transfer, and “Dynamo” got a million”

Earlier “Dinamo” named two players who will go to real Madrid or Barcelona. In the European grandees breeder Kiev Vukojevic sees Mikolenko and Tsygankova: “but not now, But in a year or two”.