In Kiev, the quarantine can last 1.5 years

karantin 1

Adaptive quarantine will be extended after July 31.

Restrictive measures due to pandemic coronavirus in Kiev may persist for 1.5 years, said the lava of the capital Gospodarevskaya Oleg Ruban, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“Any easing of the quarantine, saying it is not necessary. How long will extended adaptive quarantine after 31 July will depend on the level of morbidity. The figures that we have seen and analyzed today is not encouraging. At these rates in an adaptive quarantine we’ll be in the next half year,” he said.

According to the official, the business will continue to operate in the quarantine, however, it is necessary to develop a procedure for the activities of each business. It is also necessary to strengthen control over the risk and extend the mask mode. Citizens should keep your distance and wash hands regularly.

Note, for the last day in Kiev again increased the incidence of coronavirus. If the previous day revealed 56 cases of infection, today became aware of 112 cases.

Just in Kiev has 6350 cases, of which 2124 person recovered, and 125 of Kiev died.