Ford Bronco 2021 shown on the official pictures


In the starting configuration Base prices start from 29 $ 995.

Ford has held the presentation of the revived icons of their product line and showed the whole range of models under the name Bronco. About the new product you know absolutely everything: specifications, packaging, prices. Dealers are already taking orders, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

Ford decided to reveal the maximum information about the new Bronco and gave seven performances of the SUV-transformer. And one modification that has five of their performances. All good.

Ford Bronco of the sixth generation, as all his ancient predecessors left frame SUV. The novelty debuted in two versions: Ford Bronco and Ford Bronco Sport that significantly differ from each other inside and out. Both will be offered in two body styles – three-door and five-door. Each version will have its own set of batch sizes.

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Fardowsa seem to have managed to combine the style of classic Bronco, the last of which rolled off the Assembly line a quarter of a century ago, with the latest engineering developments and bold design solutions. Novelty has a dualistic nature and is positioned as the cars for active rest lovers and the harsh terrain. New “Bronco” combines the strength pickups F-series, the sporting spirit of the muscle car Mustang and functional design, inspired by the original sample Bronco 1965,” says CEO of Ford Jim Farley.

Ford Bronco 2021

The SUV is equipped with four-wheel drive transmission with junction box with three modes and a gear ratio of low gear of 2.72:1. Optional is proposed the Electromechanical control unit with the function of On-Demand and 4H gear ratio of 3.06:1. Independent front suspension, axles Dana with differential lock, advanced stabilisation system, seven operation modes of the driving electronics, cruise control offroad – Bronco is really ready to conquer the most difficult routes.

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The manufacturer claims that Ford Bronco is the biggest in the class clearance (29.5 cm), fording depth (85 cm), suspension stroke (17% more than the nearest competitor) and a number of parameters. Possibilities off-road models add standard towing eyelets front and rear, optional power bumpers with winch mount, steel protection of the engine, transmission and fuel tank, 35-inch tires mount on the front fenders, which can withstand the load of 68 kg, for the transport of long goods.

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All five-door models have a Bronco four-section removable roof, and the roof trevenna machines are divided into three sections. Frameless doors are also removed, and with less effort than the competition. And the mirrors remain as placed on the body near the a-pillars.

Original interior, at the same time, has a marked resemblance with the cabin of its predecessor. Buyers will be available the latest multimedia system SYNC4 with a 12-inch screen, wireless integration of smartphones, navigation with integrated off-road routes, off-road version of the system of the circular review and other things for those who need a SUV, not a crossover.

The range of engines for the Bronco include a pair of petrol EcoBoost units – 2.3-turbo 274 HP and 420 Nm, and 2.7 V6 315 HP and 542 Nm. They are combined with seven-speed mechanics or 10-band gun.

The novelty is presented in seven batch versions with the top Badlands, which contrast the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Directory of accessories for Bronco – very long (more than 200), personalization options abound exterior colors – 11 (including conspiracy shade “Area 51”).

Ford announced the starting price of Base complete set of 29 $ 995 for the SUV with the three-door body 34 and $ 695 for the five-door. The cost of the other versions and configurations, including the first First Edition, is still unknown. Orders are already being taken, along with a mandatory Deposit of $ 100. The first customers will receive their cars next spring.

Ford Bronco Sport

Ford Bronco Sport is addressed to those who need an SUV more than an SUV. However, he also has four-wheel drive already in the basic equipment (with the locking rear differential in versions of Badlands and First Edition), seven driving modes and off-road cruise control. Moreover, Bronco Sport also promised a record for class off-road capabilities and unique options for lovers of travel and adventure. For the Sport package offers four theme options: Bike, Snow, Water and Camping (Bike, Snow, Water, Camping), and more than 100 useful accessories.

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Inside Bronco Sport is markedly different from the Bronco, he has a multimedia system of the previous generation SYNC3 with vosmidesyati screen, albeit with a proprietary complex of electronic assistants Ford Co-Pilot360. The press release reports that Bronco Sport designed to carry two mountain bikes in the back and two cyclists at the front, so his cargo Bay made the most roomy and comfortable.

The range of engines includes Bronco Sport 1.5 EcoBoost 184 HP and 258 Nm, and the 2.0 EcoBoost at 249 HP and 373 Nm. Both only combined with vosmidiapazonnoy automatic.

Bronco Sport will begin conquering the market early Bronco – this year. The cost of the basic version of the Ford Bronco Sport 2021 – 28 155 dollars, take orders with a Deposit of $ 100.