Five foods that heal liver cells


It is important to provide a complete diet.

The liver is one of organs that perform most of the functions in our body: the metabolic, depositing, barrier, excretory and homeostatic, reports the with reference to Clutch.

The main “enemies” of the liver is bad habits, unhealthy food, lack of physical activity.

Doctors called the variety of products that help improve liver function.

Lemon contains huge amounts of vitamin C, which contributes to the proper functioning of the liver. Also limonny juice contains antioxidants that reduce inflammation, remove free radicals, improve the body’s ability to process glucose.

Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties that help improve liver function. The product contains allicin — a substance that activates the cleansing of the liver from potential toxins.
Composed of abylon contains fiber, which promotes detoxification of the liver, improving its work.

Due to the huge amount of water and minerals in cucumbers help to hydrate the body and eliminate toxins.

Broccoli helps to neutralise harmful to the liver items such as alcohol and drugs.