Died in USA one of the leading “Mythbusters”

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The man was 49 years old.

Died leading the cult TV show “Mythbusters” (eng. MythBusters) Grant Of Imahara. He was 49 years old. The cause of his sudden death called aneurysm of the brain vessels, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Country.

“This sad news of the Grant broke our hearts. He was a wonderful man and an important part of the Discovery team. We grieve and pray with his family,” — said the channel.

Grant of Imahara graduated from the University of southern California, receiving a bachelor of science degree majoring in electrical engineering. At one time he seriously thought about changing the profile of the subject, intending to become a writer, but, in the end, remained true to engineering. The decision of Imahara took after working as an assistant Tomlinson Holman, Professor of the school of arts of the University who created the THX system (it system certification and installation of devices and equipment for the highest quality audio and video playback — Ed.) for Lucasfilm.

In the show “Mythbusters” Gran Imahara got the hint Jamie Heinemann, who previously periodically Grant work, as well as under the influence of their partners Linda of Walkowitz (associate producer of “Mythbusters”) and tori Belleci.